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Chinese Herbs for Lyme disease





Cause and Symptoms of Lyme Disease


Lyme Disease Treatment With Western Medicine


Mi-diagnosis of Lyme Disease


Chinese Medicine and Herbs for Lyme Disease


Find a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine to Treat the Symptoms of Lyme Disease


E-Mail Consultations for Treatment of Lyme Disease








What is the Cause and Symptoms of Lyme Disease?


Lyme disease is caused by a Boerrelia infection transmitted by deer ticks, which could result in joint pain, a nervous system disorder, or a heart problem. Lyme disease is named for Old Lyme, the town in Connecticut where children were originally found to have acquired this infection.

Tick bites do not usually mean the disease will be contracted. Only 1-3% of tick bites actually result in Lyme disease.

Lyme disease in the US, occurres mainly in the northeastern U.S. and Wisconsin. For those who live in forested areas of the Northeast, and could be are at risk for acquiring lyme disease, a vaccine has been approved by the FDA.






Treatment of Lyme Disease with Western Medicine


Besides vacination, early treatment of lyme disease with antibiotics such as doxycycline, amoxicillin, penicillin, or erythromycin has been shown to be effective. For people who are allergic to these substances, or who have not responded to them, or who suffer from chronic lyme disease, or who prefer an herbal treatment, there are Chinese herbs that may be of help in the treatment of lyme disease symptoms.




Lyme Disease Diagnosis, Self Diagnosis and Mis Diagnosis


Acupuncturists, doctors of Chinese medicine, alternative medicine practitioners, and MDs often see patients with symptoms of Lyme disease, yet do not recall tick bites, do not live in areas where lyme disease generally occurs, and do not test positive for rheumatoid arthritis or other disease that have symptoms of lyme disease. Yet many of these patients have been diagnosed with lyme disease either by a practitioner or by themselves. Some of these may be infected by a similar organism, Leptospira, for example . This organism is carried by a wide range of animals. Others may present with symptoms of lyme disease because of disease patterns known in Chinese medicine but unknown in Western medicine.




Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Symptoms of Lyme Disease


There is no mention of lyme disease in the past literature of Chinese medicine. Yet experience has shown that effective treatment for lyme disease can be obtained using the same herbs used for centuries to treat leptospiria infections. However, if you have the symptoms of lyme disease but do not have positive test results for it, an examination according to traditional Chinese medicine may suggest various different treatments. If you do test positive for lyme disease or leptospira, the following herbal medicine may be of help. It is best to find a practitioner or consult with a Chinese herbologist (see below). If this is impossible, the following Chinese herbal formula is considered safe to take alone or together with antibiotics. It should be noted that the cold nature of the formula could occasionally cause diarrhea or loose stool. This is especially true if you take this herbal medicine together with antibiotics, which also have cold natures. If this happens, take with food, and/or add ginger, and/or reduce dosage.


Chinese Medicine for Lyme Disease

Take 6-10 grams daily. 3-5 grams in AM and 3-5 grams in PM, mixed with liquid, preferably on an empty stomach

Isatis leaf - 10%
Isatis root- 10%
Smilax - 10%
Gardenia - 10%
Andrographis - 10%
Scutelaria - 10%
Phellodendron - 10%
Forsythia - 10%
Ching-hao - 10%
Coptis - 5%
Licorice - 5%

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Find a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine to Help Treat the Symptoms of Lyme Disease


Experienced practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine are not easy to find outside China. If you live in the USA, best to visit a website such as http://acupunctureamerica.com. If you live outside the USA, try a website like www.gancao.net.

After locating acupuncturists in your area, call each one and ask if they use Chinese herbs. We strongly suggest that you choose one who uses concentrated herbal powders, rather than whole herbs which require boiling. Though nothing is stronger than boiled whole herbs, few people outside of China, will boil and drink these herbs long enough to see their effect. The concentrated powders are almost as strong as boiling whole herbs, and they are much easier to prepare and take. We have found that Westerners are far far more successful using these concentrated granules (powders).


Dr. Shen's Handbook of Acupuncture and Herbs

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When You Can't Find A Practitioner of Chinese Medicine to Help.


Treatment Lyme DiseaseE-MAIL CONSULTATIONS

$60 USD

A consultation consists of several e-mail exchanges resulting in an herbal prescription, treatment plan and possibly other suggestion. Consultations do not include the cost of herbs. In your first e-mail, briefly describe yourself. Mention your gender, age, occupations, symptoms (including how long you've had them for) and any Western diagnosis. List the medicines you use and occasions when you have been hospitalized for any reason. Attachments such as photos or videos are OK, but not necessary.

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After purchasing a consultation, e-mail to: questions@drshen.com







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