Chinese Medicine & Yin Yang

"The body is visible, but Qi is invisible." 
- Chinese Medicine saying


"To know the body, study nature"

- saying in Chinese Medicine


Chinese Medicine Yin Yang

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

"In confidence, Dr. Shen whispered, even I cannot tell Yin from Yang."


Yin/Yang describe change.


Yin and Yang refer to the sides of a mountain.
In the morning, one side is in shade, the other in sunlight.

Later in the day, the sides have reversed.
Dark becomes light and light becomes dark.

In time, Yang turns to Yin. Yin predictably becomes Yang.


Change is certain, a basic law of nature you can count on,  like gravity.

Yang and Yin support one another as they oppose each other.


There is always yin within yang and yang within yin. You simply can't have one without the other.


We see the body and its disharmonies in changing shades of Yin and Yang.


This helps to understand where events come from and where they are going to.


This helps to understand the disease and the patient




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