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Herbs for Appetite Loss

Chinese Herbs & Chinese Medicine for Appetite Loss

What are the Causes of Appetite Loss According to Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicines for Appetite Loss

Acupuncture for Loss of Appetite

Herbs for Appetite Loss by E-mail Consultation



Appetite Loss According toTraditional Chinese Medicine



Very rarely is loss of appetite a sign of a serious medical problem. In most cases, appetite loss is caused by a digestive disorder known as spleen deficiency. This does not in any way indicate a problem with the organ you know as your spleen. In traditional Chinese medicine, the term 'spleen' refers to the intellegent part of the digestive system where decisions are made about which enzymes, acids, and digestive fluids are made, and in what quantity. The term 'spleen deficiency' really means poor digestion.


Injury to the spleen can, most commonly, originate with irregular or unbalanced eating habits, drug ingestion, or emotional distress.


Eating at irregular intervals is a burden to the digestion. When the body expects to be fed, it begins the process of manufacturing the chemicals needed for digestion and absorbtion. This takes energy. If the expected food does not arrive, the energy is wasted. When food finally does arrive, the process must be repeated. Thus irregular eating patterns consume much more energy than does habits of eating at regular intervals. This often leads to a condition known as spleen qi (energy) deficiency. Loss of appetite is just one symptom of spleen qi deficiency. Others may include bloating, loose stools, fatigue, and a weakened immune system. Herbal medicines used to treat spleen deficiency are listed below.


Drugs, both legal and illegal, can also injure the spleen causing these and other symptoms. Often, drugs will injure the digestion by attacking the liver. Once again, the term 'liver' in TCM, does not mean exactly the same thing as just the organ called the liver.


Emotions, such as prolonged sadness or worry, can directly effect the spleen and cause digestive problems like loss of appetite. Other emotions, such as anger or frustration, can injure the liver and thus injure the spleen as well. Besides loss of appetite, these emotions can cause acid reflux, belching, and stomach ulcers. Herbal medicines used to treat liver related digestive problems are mentioned below.


Besides injury to the spleen, appetite loss can be caused by poor movement of the digestate or stool through the digestive tract. Thus constipation or food stagnation can also cause loss of appetite. Herbal medicines used to relieve constipation are also listed on this page.





Herbal Medicines Used for Appetite Loss


The following herbal medicines are best used over a period of at least one month. Do not anticipate immediate results. If lifestyle habits are the cause of appetite loss, they must be taken together with a change in lifestyle. Though they are considered safe to use, Chinese herbs are best taken under the advisment of a trained practitioner.



Appetitie Loss Caused by Spleen Deficiency



Liu Jun Zi Wan (6 Gentleman Pill)


Liu Jun Zi Wan.jpg


LIU JUN ZI WAN (1 bottle is one week supply)

add to cart to view price or to buy View Cart

add to cart to view price or to buy View Cart





Appetite Loss Caused by Liver Invading Spleen


Shu Gan Wan


add to cart to view price or to buy View Cart

add to cart to view price or to buy View Cart





Appetite Loss Caused by Constipation


Rhubarb Rx Pills



90 tablets, 700 mgs. for price or to purchase




Appetite loss caused by Food Stagnation


Stomach Curing Pills






Reduces food stagnation, Sends rebellious stomach Qi downwards, Clears Heat, Dries Dampness.


Stomach Curing 700 mgs 80 tabs    for price or to purchase





Help for Low Appetite


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Diagnosis for appetite loss can be difficult, and successful treatment usually requires consultation with a skilled acupuncturist or Chinese herbologist. Best to see an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist. If you can't find one, we do email consultations.







Advice for Insomnia E-MAIL CONSULTATION
for HERBS and Chinese Medicine for Increased Appetite


$60 USD

A consultation consists of several e-mail exchanges.


You will recieve an herbal prescription, treatment plan and possibly other suggestions.


Consutations don't include the cost of herbs.

In your first e-mail:

Describeyourself. Mention your gender, age, height , weight, occupation, symptoms, treatments you've had, and how long you've had them for.


Tell us your Western medical diagnosis, if you have one.

List the medicines you use.


Note occasions when you have been hospitalized for any reason.


Attachments such as photos or videos are OK,but not necessary.


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After purchasing a consultation
e-mail to:







Information on this site is provided for educational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your own physician or other medical professional.



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